Writing Elsewhere

Sometimes I write articles elsewhere, and this is where I store the quick links.


Relevant Magazine

Discovering the Equality of God’s Grace for Those Who Need It Most

“The relationships I formed with these women shattered the small box I had thought encompassed God’s relationship with us. We are far more complex than I realized, and if God is truly as great and big as we proclaim him to be, He does not shy away from this complexity.”

SheLoves Magazine

Poverty Has No Easy Answers

“I have no control over changing people’s opinions, altering their understandings of the world, or increasing their level of empathy for others. I can only try my best to add to their current worldview, invite them to see another perspective, and hope they find themselves caring in a deeper way for the people I’m chatting with.”

The Mighty

Learning to Filter Unsolicited Advice as Someone With Chronic Illnesses

Also cross-published on Yahoo News

“I’ve learned so far that advice feels best when offered out of care for my well-being, and with hesitancy and openness to it being turned down. And on my end, it’s important for me to know what I value, where I’m at, and how much energy I have for new therapies, and let those filter out the opinions others offer me.”

Libero Magazine

Embracing Embodiment

“Embodiment is experiencing life through my body. Experiencing society through my body. Experiencing who I am through my body. Instead of thinking about and judging my body, I can spend my energy living life through my body.”